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I’ve been reading about raw food diets and thinking about giving it a try. The health benefits are amazing. Since I’ve been vegetarian for 18 years, and I’m nearly vegan now, it will be an easier transition for me (I hope). I’ve found some delicious-looking recipes online and can’t wait to try a few.

Weight-wise, I’m down 40 pounds in about 2.5 years. I still have another 35 to go, and I feel like I need a boost to kick me off this plateau I’m on right now.

Over the past several months, my perspective about food has shifted. I used to think nothing of sitting down in front of the tv with a box of Funny Bones and a big glass of cold milk. After pigging out and picking up empty cellophane wrappers off the couch or coffee table, I’d waddle to the trash can to throw out the remains of the gluttony-fest. Yum. And I did this on several occasions.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had Funny Bones (or any of that kind of crap), and I no longer have to pick up empty wrappers because I don’t eat processed stuff any more. I gave up milk and most dairy over a year ago. No more diet soda. No white sugar nor white flour. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. (I LOVE my Breville juicer, by the way. My favorite juice blend is carrot and apple.)

Back to the change in my perspective: I was on my way to the local co-op a few days ago and went past McDonalds (which is about a mile from my house). I saw a woman in her car, waiting to pull out into the road after just leaving the drive-thru window. She was wolfing down a huge ice cream cone. My first thought was NOT “Oh my god, I want ice cream” as it probably would have been a year ago, but instead I thought “That is just not appealing to me any more.”  I smiled at this shift and knew that I had gotten over a big food obstacle. It was similar to the first time, many many years ago, when I was nauseous over the smell of a hamburger. That was a BIG shift.

I love the fresh fruit and veggies that I’ve been buying at the co-op, including the 5-pound bags of apples and carrots for my juice. Plus, I’ve been lucky enough to have a farm down the road a couple miles from my house where I’ve been able to buy corn, zucchini, tomatoes and summer squash. It appears that Tye is pleased with the corn as well.

I’ve been walking nearly every day, which I absolutely love. I typically walk the same route, and I see different people and animals each day. One thing that’s consistent on every walk is this partial mannequin in the basement-level window of a house. The room looks like it used to be an antique and/or consignment shop. Since I’ve lost weight and taken my health seriously, I see this mannequin with new eyes. I can appreciate my thinner body and feel good about how it’s finally showing some definition. So, when I see this mannequin now, I can think about how I want slender hips and look forward to wearing slender clothes. (I know that my sweetheart, B, reads my blog…so, honey, don’t be jealous of this “lady.” You have nothing to worry about. She’s not even half the woman you are!)

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