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I’m home sick today, so I’m posting this week’s challenge a little early.

1. Plastic tumbler – Goodwill

2. Pack of pencils – Goodwill

3. Bookmark – Goodwill

4. Counted cross-stitch kit – coworkers

5. Single teapot/cup – Goodwill

6. Mandala kit – friend

7. Craft paper – coworkers

8. Cross-stitch kit – coworkers

9. Stickers – coworkers

10. Piglet pens – coworkers


Inspired by Simple.Organized.Life, I am committing to a 10 Things Challenge which involves me getting rid of (at least) 10 things every week. Since I am in a simplifying and decluttering mode lately, this is perfect for me.

Each week, I will post my list of 10 things, a photo, and where they are going. Wish me luck!

Week One:



1. Hula hoop – Goodwill

2. Yarn (2 skeins count as 1 item) – the crafty folks at work

3. Knitting needles – work

4. Watercolor paints – work

5. Counted cross-stitch pattern books (5 count as 1 item) – work

6. Cat perpetual calendar – Goodwill

7. Talking pedometer – Goodwill

8. Mini office supplies – Goodwill

9. Craft autumn leaves – work

10. Mini-composition books – work

Still no good news on someone/anyone wanting to buy my house. Every time I get the slightest bit of hope that a buyer has appeared, that hope is ripped away from me. It happened again yesterday. It’s not a definite “no” right now, but I am not too optimistic that it’ll be a “yes.” So…I wait. More.

I have two more boxes of B’s stuff ready to ship out to her. After that, I have five boxes left. Then, her stuff is gone. My dining room is full of stuff to get rid of. I plan to have a “moving sale” in two weeks. Whatever is left after that is getting donated somewhere.

Yesterday, I decided that the big ol’ 3/4 empty entertainment center had to go. It’s now sitting off to the side in the living room waiting for sale day. I hope it goes. I took an old wood cabinet, that in previous lives served as the base of an altar, an office-supply cabinet, and an all-purpose junk cabinet, and I refinished it. It looks pretty good. I cut a hole in the back for electrical cords and my dvd player now rests inside on the shelf. My small dvd collection is below that. And all of my candles are safely stored on the other side. The whole setup looks so much nicer than the gargantuan entertainment center. It’s now a much simpler, and uncluttered, look. This photo didn’t come out too well. It’s a dark, rainy gloomy day here, and the color on the cabinet looks more red than it is. It’s actually a darker espresso color, and the color is more consistent than this photo shows.

Speaking of dvds, several years ago, B bought Angels in America for me for some occasion. I never watched it until this weekend. I wanted to see it because Emma Thompson is in it, and I will watch ANYTHING with her. Basically, Emma Thompson could fart “God Save the Queen” and I’d be enthralled, ok? So, anyway, this film was not what I expected. It was good, but I wasn’t nuts about it. So, I packed it up in one of the boxes to go to B and she can watch it.

I guess I’ll get back to my blah weekend. Or rather, what’s left of it.

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