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I’m home sick today, so I’m posting this week’s challenge a little early.

1. Plastic tumbler – Goodwill

2. Pack of pencils – Goodwill

3. Bookmark – Goodwill

4. Counted cross-stitch kit – coworkers

5. Single teapot/cup – Goodwill

6. Mandala kit – friend

7. Craft paper – coworkers

8. Cross-stitch kit – coworkers

9. Stickers – coworkers

10. Piglet pens – coworkers


Here’s the stuff that’s leaving my house this week.


1. 1996 Chevy S10 pickup truck (not pictured!) – charity

2. Bag of empty glass spice jars (not pictured as they are still drying in the dish drainer) – Goodwill

3. Silpada ring – sold on ebay

4. Silpada choker – sold on ebay

5. Short sleeve shirt – Goodwill

6. Christmas craft kits (2) (never opened) – coworkers

7. Bracelets (4) – Goodwill

8. Hot glue gun – coworkers

9. Hot glue sticks – coworkers

10. Basket of shells – coworkers

Inspired by Simple.Organized.Life, I am committing to a 10 Things Challenge which involves me getting rid of (at least) 10 things every week. Since I am in a simplifying and decluttering mode lately, this is perfect for me.

Each week, I will post my list of 10 things, a photo, and where they are going. Wish me luck!

Week One:



1. Hula hoop – Goodwill

2. Yarn (2 skeins count as 1 item) – the crafty folks at work

3. Knitting needles – work

4. Watercolor paints – work

5. Counted cross-stitch pattern books (5 count as 1 item) – work

6. Cat perpetual calendar – Goodwill

7. Talking pedometer – Goodwill

8. Mini office supplies – Goodwill

9. Craft autumn leaves – work

10. Mini-composition books – work

more cat pictures

My yard sale was today. This was all the stuff that B doesn’t want, I don’t want, and I want it OUT of the house. I’ve been slowly going through and sorting stuff for three months. This week, I consolidated all of it into the dining room. I also spent almost $40 to place classified ads announcing the sale in addition to posting it on craigslist. Last night I got as much ready as I could. This morning about two hours before the sale start time, I began setting everything up in the yard. I was ready.

V-E-R-Y slow day.

I started the day with $50 in my pocket. I ended with $99. After paying myself back the $40 for the classifieds, and deducting the original $50, I made NINE F****** DOLLARS.

I grabbed a bunch of huge trash bags and began to pile things in them. Stuff from the dollar store went in the bags as quickly as random anniversary gifts that B had given me at one time. I was indiscriminate in getting rid of stuff. When I was done with this mania, I had 12 bags of…well…things that I don’t want around as reminders of a life that I no longer have. I backed my truck into the yard, loaded the bags and drove them directly to a donation site. They’re gone.

And yesterday, I mailed out the last of B’s boxes. Gone.

I’ve let go of so much in my life in the past five months. But, I am ok.

However, I think I am allowed to bitch a bit more about making only NINE GODDAMN DOLLARS today!

Yeah, I haz a fierce alright.

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