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I started my first 101 Things in 1001 Days list on 9/1/07 and actually finished a lot of it (although my list consisted of 55 things). Still, I got stuff done. That’s the point!

Today, I start a new/updated list. And I am posting it here with the intention of keeping it more in view of not only my eyes, but the eyes of the one or two readers I have. ;-0   So, I am holding myself accountable.

I will update weekly.

101 Things in 1001 Days  (12/1/08 – 8/29/11)

updated 6/5/2011


  1. Begin contributions to deferred comp plan again (done 4/23/10)
  2. Reach goal weight (27.4/47)
  3. Get rid of clothes I no longer wear/fit into/like (done 3/6/10)
  4. Get a full-body massage (done 4/10/10)
  5. Prepare a new will
  6. Attend a bluegrass festival (done 6/2010)
  7. Get a 2nd tattoo
  8. Visit the Catskill Animal Sanctuary
  9. Update beneficiary designation on all policies (done 5/21/10)
  10. Take guitar lessons
  11. Attend a film festival
  12. Participate in an archaeological dig
  13. Drink only water for two weeks (0/14)
  14. Sell and/or publish one of my photographs
  15. Write a humor article
  16. Publish a humor article
  17. Write a personal/self-help article (done 9/08)
  18. Publish a personal/self-help article(done 1/4/10)
  19. Ride in a hot air balloon
  20. Go parasailing
  21. Photograph the Merello Volta grave
  22. Walk a labyrinth
  23. Donate books to ERCCW (done 1/24/09)
  24. Sell unwanted items on eBay (done 12/08)
  25. Visit Nicky in Boston
  26. Visit Ann in Saco, Maine
  27. Move into an awesome apartment (done 1/2/10)
  28. Visit Marian in Northampton
  29. Organize craft supplies (done 11/8/09)
  30. Join a local social group (done 12/08)
  31. Switch all cleaning products to animal- and eco-friendly ones (done 1/2/10)
  32. Read Pablo Neruda in his native Spanish
  33. Finish Walden
  34. Try snowshoeing (12/21/08)
  35. Try cross-country skiing (done 1/9/11)
  36. Try Ethiopian food (done 8/15/09)
  37. Try Vietnamese food (done 2/14/10)
  38. Visit the New York Public library (and photograph the lions Patience and
    (done 2/7/09)
  39. Try matcha green tea
  40. Organize all books in my library (done 1/9/10)
  41. Join a book club (4/09)
  42. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  43. List at least one thing I am grateful for every day for one month (0/30)
  44. Take Calcium & Multi-V every day consecutively for 90 days (91/90) (done 5/31/09)
  45. Take a photography class
  46. Track down Trish (done 11/12/09)
  47. Go through in-basket once a week for three months (12/12) (done 8/16/09)
  48. Read entire camera manual
  49. Buy bookshelves that are all the same for apartment (done 1/8/10)
  50. Go one month without calling in to work (20/20)(done 10/16/09)
  51. Wash my face and brush my teeth every night for one month (0/30)
  52. Meditate every day for one month (30/30) (completed 6/30/09)
  53. Participate in a paranormal investigation (done 7/18/09)
  54. Take a yoga class
  55. Go vegan for two weeks (0/2)
  56. Read one book a month for six months (5/6)
  57. Shop at a Trader Joe’s (done 9/4/09)
  58. Volunteer at a food pantry or kitchen
  59. Update my blog once a week for one year (done 1/10/10)
  60. Complete and submit grad school app by 8/1/09 (done 7/22/09)
  61. Compile family histories into one location
  62. Go through my (home) office and declutter (done 11/27/09)
  63. Clean out cabinets over washer and dryer (done 12/12/08)
  64. Go through kitchen cabinets and declutter (done 9/18/09)
  65. Hike to summit of Mt. Greylock (done 8/30/09)
  66. Use neti pot daily for 30 days (0/30)
  67. Draw/paint one image a week for two months (0/8)
  68. Survive without a microwave for 6 months (done 7/2/10)
  69. Take a bookbinding class
  70. Save $1 each day and use the money to travel (910/1,001)
  71. Keep a food journal for one month (0/30)
  72. Complete a diet detox (finished 1/10/09)
  73. Take a class on how to play the didgeridoo (done 8/21/09)
  74. Visit Steve in Syracuse
  75. Rent an RV for a week and travel
  76. Take a class on how to play the bodhran
  77. Donate 100,000 grains of rice on Free Rice (14,800/100,000)
  78. {Private} (2/11/10)
  79. Move Parnassus IRA into a CD (done 12/23/08)
  80. Go kayaking (done 8/8/09)
  81. Get up the minute that the alarm goes off every day for a month (0/30)
  82. Carry notebook with me at all times to make notes for self-betterment
  83. Pay for the person behind me at a coffee shop
  84. Take a zipline tour
  85. Go one month without picking my fingers (0/30)
  86. Participate in Earth Hour 2009 and 2010 (1/2)
  87. Learn to work with runes
  88. Do something different on New Year’s Eve (1/1/09 midnight snowshoe trek!)
  89. Complete the Couch-to-5k program
  90. Get rid of all of my fat clothes
  91. Sort through all boxes in the basement
  92. Organize cds and dvds
  93. Buy a nice suit (done 10/31/10)
  94. Visit Joanie in Colorado in 2011
  95. Set up workout area in basement
  96. Sell video camera on eBay (done 10/10)
  97. Organize wine into wine racks
  98. Run a 5k without walking (done 6/4/11 Freihofer’s Run for Women)
  99. Install a roof rack on CRV
  100. Take LVB on dates
  101. Start a new “101 Things in 1001 Days” list!
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