Several people have asked me what the name “Goldman Café” means. This is the name I typically use for my online presence.

In a nutshell: one of my all-time heroes is Emma Goldman. My original Masters Thesis (in English) subject was going to be Emma Goldman and her analysis of the social significance of dramas during her active time in the anarchist movement of the 20th century. Thus, the “Goldman” part.

Goldman first learned of the anarchist movement in the United States shortly after arriving in New York from her native Russia. She moved from Rochester to New York City where she quickly became involved in, and a leader for, the labor movement, women’s rights, birth control support, gay rights and other socially- and politically-oriented groups. She first encountered her future comrades in these movements at a small restaurant in New York City called Sach’s Café. Thus, the “Café” half.

And from this work on my thesis, I started to use the name Goldman Café.

There you have it.