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1. File pocket

2. Canvas tote bag

3. Necklace

4. Craft ribbons

5. Earrings

6. Necklace

7. Mittens

8. Flat iron

9. Hairdryer

10. Stickers

I move in one week. I will probably finish up my remaining two weeks of this challenge after I get settled in the new place. No doubt I’ll come across more stuff that I need to part with.


Sorting and packing.

1. Old digital camera

2. Knit hat

3. Toy truck

4. Ceramic toothbrush holder

5. Binder

6. Presentation cover

7. T-shirt transfer paper

8. Blue messenger bag

9. State parks map

10. Canvas tote bag

Not pictured: Canon digital camera and old SLR film camera: both sold on ebay.

Everything pictured is going to Goodwill tomorrow.

I’m moving in two weeks, so there may be a break in this challenge for a couple of weeks. However, I still will be purging every chance I get!

I found a great little apartment today. I hope to move in on the first weekend of January. So, the decluttering may pick up even more momentum!

Saying goodbye this week:

1. Binder – co-workers

2. Fitness cd –  co-workers

3. Wrist support – friend

4. Disney activity book – co-workers

5. Pedometer – co-workers

6. Glow-in-the-dark stars – co-workers

7. Stickers – co-workers

8. Slippers – Goodwill

9. Cow knick knack – Goodwill

10. Black bag – Goodwill

Saying goodbye to:

1. Bucket hat – Goodwill

2. Display stand – Goodwill

3. Frame – Goodwill

4. Financial book – Goodwill

5. MP3 player for car – Goodwill

6. Bota bag – my sister

7. Speakers – Goodwill

8. Massage book – Goodwill

9. Cable – Goodwill

10. Pens – co-workers

Also, not pictured, I got rid of 17 books by selling them to

Photo by ||!prliignore0||

The divorce diet strikes again. Yup. Down 4 pounds in 2 days.

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