Happy Thanksgiving! Despite some setbacks in my life lately, I truly AM grateful for the blessings in my life. And those blessings are not “things.” They are family, friends, opportunities, good health, great co-workers, fuzzy animals, etc. The “things” that I am getting rid of each week have given me some joy, sure, but it’s fleeting. What I hope is that these things that I am parting with can bring some joy to others, even if it’s only momentary for them as well. And then, perhaps, they will pass on the things to others. In this way, more people can share in fewer things.

1. Empty canister – coworkers

2. Suncatcher – Goodwill

3. Knickknacks (2) – Goodwill

4. Small field bag – coworkers

5. Mouspad – Goodwill

6. Bear – Goodwill

7. Craft paper – coworkers

8. Small frame – coworkers

9. Ice scrapers (3) – Goodwill

10. Various cables – Goodwill