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Our friends, Barb and Tom, were brave enough to take us newbies on an overnight backpacking trip to Middle Lake. Carrying such a heavy pack (maybe 30 pounds?) for the first time, I wasn’t on the trail very long before I thought to myself, “I’ll never make it.” But, lo and behold, I did.


3.1 miles later, we found a perfect camping spot at Middle Lake. The breeze was refreshing after the humidity on the trail. We had the place to ourselves.

The view from our campsite

The view from our campsite

We set up our tents, unpacked some stuff, then had lunch. We then went for a short hike up to Murphy Lake, then did some bushwhacking. After about an hour, we went back to our campsite to prepare dinner.

We had a delicious meal, some wine and toasted marshmallows. Tom played a bit of music from his iPod. We hung out around the campfire for hours until the moon was high in the sky. We moved to the rock ledge near our campfire and sat for awhile, looking at the moon and stars as they hung in a fairly clear sky. The four of us sat in silence for close to an hour.

Not long after turning in for the night, a large visitor came near our campsite. Deer? Moose? Bear? We’ll never know. After that, I was awake for most of the night. I heard all kinds of small critters near our tent. I think I finally fell asleep at daybreak. We all survived the night.

We rose early, packed up, had breakfast and hit the trail. Fifteen minutes after hiking, the rain started. It was steady but never heavy.

For my first backpacking trip, I think I did ok! I definitely dropped a couple pounds, which is perfectly fine with me. We’re already thinking about where our next outing will be.

Great campfire, Tom!

Great campfire, Tom!

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