Today I treated myself to a trip to my favorite indie bookstore, Northshire Books in Manchester Vt. I’ve been focusing on meditating and Buddhism lately, so pretty much everything I purchased followed suit. Including this little guy. It’s Inner Peace, springy style! As soon as I left the store, he came out of his box and now sits on the dashboard. He was bopping and bouncing all the way home. (So much for stillness, eh?) But, I really wanted this as a reminder to not take myself too seriously. I’ve been so intent on healing after my breakup nearly six months ago that I came close to losing my lightheartedness.

I have been meditating every day for a month, and I love it! It centers and calms me for the day. I make time for it every morning around 6:00. I set up the former guest room as my meditation room. In there, I have a zafu and zabuton and a small altar. Tye likes to join me. He’s pretty quiet, but sometimes he gets impatient and rubs against my hands, wondering why I’m not paying attention to him. Usually, he sits in one of the windows and listens to the birds.

Of course, I recently discovered the REAL reason why he likes to be in there with me.

By the way, I am doing GREAT! I am so extremely positive these days. I am blessed to have wonderful family, friends (in-person and cyber) and co-workers as support. Plus, I have an amazing therapist who has played a tremendous part of my healing. Thanks to all of you!