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I went shopping this morning to get some new jeans. With the weight I’ve lost over the last couple of months, the “newest” ones I bought in May don’t fit me…which is ok with me! I had great success, finding blue jeans AND black jeans. Plus I bought four tops. And boots (with heels, which I never wear, but I love these). And a bunch of jewelry. I found everything on sale, so I’m especially pleased. I am NOT a shopper, so this was a big excursion for me.

I had to pick up some cleaning-type things, too. So, at Kmart, while picking up some tissues, I saw a great sale sign: “2 for $3. Regular price $1.39 each.” At the register, I made sure that I paid the “regular” price. Don’t want no stinking sale price on those tissues!

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I first heard “Hallelujah” on the show Scrubs a couple years ago. I fell in love with it then. Later, I heard Brandi Carlile’s version and that became the ultimate for me. It still is. However, here is the version by Over the Rhine and there’s no denying the absolute beauty and grace of Karin’s voice.

This is a much-needed balm for me these days.

My little lady had to be put down today. She was 19 years old, and I had her from the time she was a kitten.

She was the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met. She truly gave unconditional love.

I miss you, little sweetheart. And I love you.

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Still no word on selling my house. I had a showing a couple days ago, but no real feedback has come in yet.

In the meantime, I am trying to envision what my new home will look like. It will be an apartment, of course. I don’t foresee ever being a homeowner again. I want to keep my new place clutter-free (I’ve been doing a great job getting rid of stuff; please refer to previous posts). I plan to have an earth-tone palate throughout. Well, except for the kitchen where I will have shots of red. Red Zen-like dishes, red tea kettle, red dish drainer, red sugar bowl, Red Kitchen-Aid pots and pans. Yummy red.

This is one of the most amazing and touching examples of love that I have EVER seen. I watched it this morning with tears streaming down my face.

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My yard sale was today. This was all the stuff that B doesn’t want, I don’t want, and I want it OUT of the house. I’ve been slowly going through and sorting stuff for three months. This week, I consolidated all of it into the dining room. I also spent almost $40 to place classified ads announcing the sale in addition to posting it on craigslist. Last night I got as much ready as I could. This morning about two hours before the sale start time, I began setting everything up in the yard. I was ready.

V-E-R-Y slow day.

I started the day with $50 in my pocket. I ended with $99. After paying myself back the $40 for the classifieds, and deducting the original $50, I made NINE F****** DOLLARS.

I grabbed a bunch of huge trash bags and began to pile things in them. Stuff from the dollar store went in the bags as quickly as random anniversary gifts that B had given me at one time. I was indiscriminate in getting rid of stuff. When I was done with this mania, I had 12 bags of…well…things that I don’t want around as reminders of a life that I no longer have. I backed my truck into the yard, loaded the bags and drove them directly to a donation site. They’re gone.

And yesterday, I mailed out the last of B’s boxes. Gone.

I’ve let go of so much in my life in the past five months. But, I am ok.

However, I think I am allowed to bitch a bit more about making only NINE GODDAMN DOLLARS today!

Yeah, I haz a fierce alright.

Last night, I watched An Inconvenient Truth (finally!) and I am quite impressed with it. Al Gore was not posturing from some feel-good, new-agey, politically-correct stance. His presentation of scientific evidence (and citing where the evidence comes from) should be enough to convince most cynics. However, I’m sure that this film is mostly preaching to the choir.

In other news, Lolcats has, once again, succinctly summed up my political views:

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