So…the thesis work continues. My committee has accepted my proposal; now I need to formally submit the proposal to the graduate advisor. Then I just have to write the damn thing! I HAVE to do this by May. I need to put it behind me. I’m not allowing myself to do any pleasure reading until it’s done. And that’s especially tough since B bought an awesome book for me on ancient Egypt for Christmas.

Yes, Egypt. I am going to Cairo in October 2008! It’s going to be AMAZING. I’m going to travel with either Gap Adventures or Gecko Adventures. Probably Gecko. I’ve been saving money for several months, and I’ll still have about ten more months to save.

Why Egypt? When I was little, my mom had many National Geographic books and I loved looking through them. My mom saw that, like her, I was interested in ancient civilizations, and she started buying books for me. Ancient Egypt was the first. Then ones on the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was young. Then I drooled over Indiana Jones and his adventures. I guess I’ve never outgrown that. So, I have decided that my first trip abroad should be in honor of my mom and the nurturing she gave my sense of wonder about ancient Egypt. When I go to visit my mom tomorrow for the holiday, I’ll tell her all about it.

Yes, 2008 will be a big year!